Q: How much do you charge?
A: Every situation is different, and so there is no simple answer to that. There is a recommended rate provided by the Master Builders Association that we adhere to as much as possible. You can get a confirmation before any work starts. We try to be as fair and transparent as possible.

Q: My toilet usually fills up every 10-15 minutes. What could be the problem?
A: Normally, it indicates that the toilet tank’s flush valve is not seated correctly and water is leaking from the cistern into the toilet bowl.  Sometimes the lift chain could be tangled or there is a faulty flapper or a problem with the flush valve.
You can open the cistern to confirm this.

Q: My electric water heater system is not giving me any hot water. What seems to be the problem?
A: The high temperature cutoff may have been tampered with, and may need to be reset. Or it could be a faulty heating element or thermostat.

Q: Are instant boiling water systems safe?
A: Indeed they are. They have a safety locking mechanism. It could be either a safety lock button or the need to use two adult fingers to activate the system.

Q: Is it necessary to have backflow testing?
A: Backflow testing is necessary in most commercial properties, like:

  • Motels and unit complexes
  • Hotels
  • Vehicle-repair workshops
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Caravan parks

Q: How do a continuous hot water systems work?
A: Continuous hot water systems heat the water  by passing cold water through a heat exchanger device, igniting a gas burner or switching on an electric element heating the water as and when needed. Continuous hot water systems are highly efficient.

Q: How can plumbers detect what is blocking the drain?
A: Our plumber will use equipment such as CCTV cameras, water jets and plumbing drain rods.

Q: What are some of the benefits of installing a gas hot water system?
A: Gas hot water systems are environmentally friendly and burn much less carbon dioxide to produce heat as compared to electricity. Much less heat is wasted because the system is very energy efficient. Gas systems have lower running cost as compared to electricity. Gas systems heat the water up faster.